Pest infestations often result in serious inconvenience to tenants and landlords alike. They can also lead to far more serious problems, like severe damage to the property. Taking the steps to keep pests out of your rental properties is a far better alternative to having to remove them after they have infiltrated the property. Here are a few of the best practices for keeping pests out of your rental properties. 

Seal Doors

The cracks surrounding doors are often large enough to allow bugs and small pests to enter the property. Having these cracks sealed will go a long way toward keeping them out. In addition, this can help to improve the overall energy efficiency of the property, which often reduces related expenses. 

Use Screens

Using window screens and even door screens can help to minimize the possibility of pest infiltration. These provide an additional layer of protection for the property. Have these screens repaired or replaced when they sustain damage. 

Repair Cracks

It is important to ensure that you have cracks in the structure repaired as quickly as possible. This further eliminates the possibility of pest infiltration into your property. Consult regularly with your tenants and ask them to inform you if they notice the presence of these cracks. 

Keep Clean

It is important that the rental property be kept clean in order to prevent messes from attracting pests. Ensure that you provide an effective, enclosed garbage bin outside and teach your tenants the importance of keeping the property clean. You also need to ensure that common areas are kept clean and free of debris. 

Remove Standing Water

Standing water is a surefire way to attract all kinds of pests. It is important to have standing water removed from the property as quickly as possible. Standing water often indicates problems with the property, as well. Here at Keyrenter, we are dedicated to providing you with the services and guidance that you need to optimize your profits and protect your investment. To learn more about ways to prevent pests on your rental property, contact us at the Keyrenter in Merrimack today!