Landlords face a multitude of concerns in order to effectively manage their property. Regular maintenance is an important part of a landlord’s job, as it serves to keep the building in the best condition for as long as possible. Performing a proper maintenance inspection helps to ensure that landlords are aware of the condition of the building and are able to provide the necessary services to ensure that it remains in the best possible condition. 

When to Inspect your Property

Maintenance helps to keep rental properties in superior condition for extended periods of time. This is why maintenance inspections are an integral part of owning rental property. Maintenance inspections should be performed both at move in and at move out to ensure that you document the condition both prior to and after the tenant has lived on the property. It is also important to undertake routine inspections, generally on a yearly basis, to ensure the optimal condition for the property. Drive-by inspections are an additional way to ensure that the lawn and yard of the property are being kept in good condition. 

What to Look for During a Maintenance Inspection

Understanding the key factors to look for will help you to undertake a proper inspection. Pest prevention is an important component of keeping a property in good condition. When inspecting a property, you should check for water damage and leaks, as these concerns can lead to excessive amounts of damage. Also inspect the grout between the tiles, as well as the caulking in the shower. If these fixtures aren’t sealed properly, water may infiltrate through the cracks and cause damage to the property. It is vital to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as they help to protect the safety of your tenants. Ensure that all applicable filters are being changed regularly, flush the water heater, and ensure that gutters are clear of debris. Understanding how to perform a proper maintenance inspection can go a long way toward protecting your property and ensuring that it stays in good condition. To learn more about how to properly perform your maintenance inspections, contact us at the Merrimack Keyrenter.